Friday Feelings

Its Friday, i still feel a little bit sick, i am soon going to the dentist which is one of my biggest fears... but i dont care, its Friday and tonight i am going to party!


On Mondays and Tuesdays we always get a juice delivery to work. Before we received from a place called Pure but the company changed to Smoochie. The ones we had before had a nicer bottle but this ones are really good too. And we receive them twice a week instead of 1 time.

Pic borrowed from their FB page

Inte igen...

Mår inge vidare idag så det slutade med att jag gick hem 2,5 timmar innan jag egentligen skulle sluta. Så nu ligger jag här hemma i sängen och hoppas på att inte bli sämre. Imorgon är det nämligen julfest med jobbet och det vill jag verkligen inte missa!

// I dont feel very good today so i decided to leave work 2.5 hours earlier than i was supposed to do. So now i am home in bed, hoping to not get worse. It is the Christmas party for the company i am working for tomorrow and i really dont want to miss that one! //

I dont feel like putting a pic of me feeling like shit in bed so here you got some happy pics from the pool instead.