Thanks giving

//inte för att jag någonsin har brytt mig om thanks giving tidigare, men igår bestämde vi oss för att fira detta lite... mest en bortförklaring för att laga god mat, dricka vin och äta choklad. Till middag lagade jag ugnsbakad lax, potatisknyten (jag kommer ge ut recept sen, sååå gott och enkelt). Detta serverade jag med min hemmagjorda hallandaise sås. Sedan kikade vi på några avsnitt av Westworld och bara mös..//

//Not that i have ever cared about celebrating that before, but yesterday we decided to celebrate Thanks giving a little... Mostly as an excuse to cook some really nice food, drinking wine and eat a lot of chocolte. For dinner i made owen baked salmon and potato knots (i will share my recipe of this later, its soo good and so simple). I served this together with my own homemade hollandaise sauce. After that we watched some episodes of West world and just had a cozy time.//

But Thanks giving is about sharing things that you are thankful for.. so what am i thankful for?? Hard question becuase it is a lot. I will try to share some of it with you.
Im thankful for:

  • My health, what a cliche i know, but thats something to be grateful for.
  • My family and friends, I have the absolut best bunch of people around me, funny, honest, loyal, smart, yeah you name it. I am good at keeping the good ones :)
  • My boyfriends friends. I am very lucky that my bf has so many nice friends, its important to be able to hang out with both his and mine friends and have fun.
  • My bf ofcourse. He is the best
  • My job. I do love my job.
  • Everything i seen so far, all the trips i made. i Have been traveling pretty much in my life and are currently not living in Sweden. Living Sweden to experience the life outside my home country is the best thing i have ever done in my life. It have been open up so many more options for me in my life.
  • Animals, all animals, they are the best, my biggest wish in life is for humans to start treating animals equal to us.
  • Food, wine, chocolate, how can you not be thankful for thart???
  • Roller coasters, love them!!!
  • World ogf Warcraft and other computer games... so much fun
  • Online shopping, so easy and simple
  • blankets, tea and candle light, all together, cosy times

well... enough... im starting to get too exited when thinking about things that makes me happy :p The list is getting out of control, i could continue for at least one more hours. But lets not. 


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